Pediatric Urology is the specialty that deals with urological problems of children. That covers the surgery of the urinary organs (kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra) of boys and girls and the genito-reproductive system of boys (penis, testicle, epididymis, vas deferens etc).

As it may seem strange, is approximately 60% of the surgery of children and that because the congenital abnormalities of the genitourinary system with congenital cardiovascular abnormalities are the most frequent.

Pediatric Urology made in recent years great progress.

The main impetus was provided by the development of endoscopic surgery (surgery without incisions through the physiological pathways by which urine leaves the urethra). Many diseases that formerly required heavy open surgery with several days of hospitalization as the reflux of urine, urethral stenosis etc, can be treated by endoscopic surgery today, with very high success rates and less pain for children and their parents, almost always without hospitalization.

Revolution in periatric urology also brought the diagnosis of many serious problems of the urinary tract by prenatal ultrasound which is done routinely today by all women during pregnancy. This way in most cases we know today which neonate is suffering by urological problems. These neonates have special investigations and are treated by antibiotics before present severe urinary tract infection which can damage kidney’s function.

Progress has also been important in surgical intervention techniques which always remain “open” as surgery for cryptorchidims (testis ectopia), hypospadias, phimosis, hydrocele, etc.

The materials used also changed. The stitches are absorbed by the body and not require to be removed. The catheters are now 100% silicone and they do not irritate the urinary tract.

The progress also helped to have become harmless long anesthesia in very young children or children with serious problems such as heart and neurological. The main thing is that most of pediatric urology surgeries are gived now under special general anesthesia, mainly given by anesthesiologists specialized in children

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